The evidence is coming in of people becoming reinfected with Covid-19. It’s a thing. It happens. It’s not common, so far, but that it happens means that Covid-19 is not a disease offering durable immunity. How many…

Photo by Stephan Henning on Unsplash

I’m a guy and as long as I can remember, cats have fascinated me. If there is a cat in the room, I can’t take my eyes off it. They seem aloof, mysterious, and almost mystical.

Dogs usually come across as the exact opposite. Far from aloof, they can be…

Photo via GoodFreePhotos.com

Getting Help From Amazon When Shit Happens

Setting aside the fact that Amazon seems to be taking over everything, their two-day Prime delivery service is great and is often actually a one-day service. …

Use Amazon’s Product Ratings Wisely

When using Amazon, where you can’t hold a product in your hand or test it before placing an order, it’s important to understand how to use their customer rating system.

Who am I? I’m a power shopper on Amazon. I just checked, and in the…

Photo by Eric Aquino @ unsplash.com

The Truth About Free Will. You’re Not Going To Like It

Let’s start with the problem of definition: “What is free will?” …

It’s The Beginning Of The End Of The Trump Presidency

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Who knew that when Trump’s precipitous pre-2020 slide started, it wouldn’t come from the liberal Democrats but from the military establishment? I know I was blindsided.

When Gen. Mattis quit (and despite Trump’s attempt to revise history, he was not…

Thomas Hunscher

Retired professional photographer and writer

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